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Jambon Fumé Grillé - Petitgas - 200 g

Jambon Fumé Grillé - Petitgas - 200 g

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条形码: 3275461000075 (EAN / EAN-13)

通用名: Jambon Cuit Choix

数量: 200 g

包装: en:Plastic, en:Fresh

品牌: Petitgas

分类: 肉制品, 肉类, en:Prepared meats, 火腿, en:White hams, en:Raw-cured-ham

标签,认证,奖励: en:Green Dot, fr:Triman

成分来源: 法国, 欧洲联盟

制造或者加工场所: France, Vendée

溯源代码: FR 85.006.001 CE - Apremont (Vendée, France)

可出售的国家: 法国

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    12 种成分

    法语: Jambon de porc, couenne, eau, sel, dextrose, arômes, saccharose, E250, antioxydant : E316, stabilisant : E451.


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    指示产品在 4 - 超加工食品和饮料产品 类中的元素:

    • 添加剂: E451
    • 成分: Dextrose
    • 成分: 调味剂
    • 成分: 葡萄糖


    1. 未加工或最低限度加工的食物
    2. 处理过的烹饪原料
    3. 加工食品
    4. 超级加工食品


    了解有关 NOVA 分类的更多信息


  • E250 - 亚硝酸钠

    Sodium nitrite: Sodium nitrite is the inorganic compound with the chemical formula NaNO2. It is a white to slightly yellowish crystalline powder that is very soluble in water and is hygroscopic. It is a useful precursor to a variety of organic compounds, such as pharmaceuticals, dyes, and pesticides, but it is probably best known as a food additive to prevent botulism. It is on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines, the most important medications needed in a basic health system.Nitrate or nitrite -ingested- under conditions that result in endogenous nitrosation has been classified as "probably carcinogenic to humans" by International Agency for Research on Cancer -IARC-.
    来源: Wikipedia (英语)
  • E316 - 异抗坏血酸钠

    Sodium erythorbate: Sodium erythorbate -C6H7NaO6- is a food additive used predominantly in meats, poultry, and soft drinks. Chemically, it is the sodium salt of erythorbic acid. When used in processed meat such as hot dogs and beef sticks, it increases the rate at which nitrite reduces to nitric oxide, thus facilitating a faster cure and retaining the pink coloring. As an antioxidant structurally related to vitamin C, it helps improve flavor stability and prevents the formation of carcinogenic nitrosamines. When used as a food additive, its E number is E316. The use of erythorbic acid and sodium erythorbate as a food preservative has increased greatly since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration banned the use of sulfites as preservatives in foods intended to be eaten fresh -such as ingredients for fresh salads- and as food processors have responded to the fact that some people are allergic to sulfites. It can also be found in bologna, and is occasionally used in beverages, baked goods, and potato salad.Sodium erythorbate is produced from sugars derived from different sources, such as beets, sugar cane, and corn. An urban myth claims that sodium erythorbate is made from ground earthworms; however, there is no truth to the myth. It is thought that the genesis of the legend comes from the similarity of the chemical name to the words earthworm and bait.Alternative applications include the development of additives that could be utilized as anti-oxidants in general. For instance, this substance has been implemented in the development of corrosion inhibitors for metals and it has been implemented in active packaging.Sodium erythorbate is soluble in water. The pH of the aqueous solution of the sodium salt is between 5 and 6. A 10% solution, made from commercial grade sodium erythorbate, may have a pH of 7.2 to 7.9. In its dry, crystalline state it is nonreactive. But, when in solution with water it readily reacts with atmospheric oxygen and other oxidizing agents, which makes it a valuable antioxidant.
    来源: Wikipedia (英语)
  • E451

    Sodium triphosphate: Sodium triphosphate -STP-, also sodium tripolyphosphate -STPP-, or tripolyphosphate -TPP-,- is an inorganic compound with formula Na5P3O10. It is the sodium salt of the polyphosphate penta-anion, which is the conjugate base of triphosphoric acid. It is produced on a large scale as a component of many domestic and industrial products, especially detergents. Environmental problems associated with eutrophication are attributed to its widespread use.
    来源: Wikipedia (英语)


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    Jambon de porc, couenne, eau, sel, dextrose, arômes, saccharose, e250, antioxydant (e316), stabilisant (e451)
    1. Jambon de porc -> en:ham - vegan: no - vegetarian: no - percent_min: 10 - percent_max: 100
    2. couenne -> en:pork-rind - vegan: no - vegetarian: no - percent_min: 0 - percent_max: 50
    3. eau -> en:water - vegan: yes - vegetarian: yes - percent_min: 0 - percent_max: 33.3333333333333
    4. sel -> en:salt - vegan: yes - vegetarian: yes - percent_min: 0 - percent_max: 25
    5. dextrose -> en:dextrose - vegan: yes - vegetarian: yes - percent_min: 0 - percent_max: 20
    6. arômes -> en:flavouring - vegan: maybe - vegetarian: maybe - percent_min: 0 - percent_max: 5
    7. saccharose -> en:sucrose - vegan: yes - vegetarian: yes - percent_min: 0 - percent_max: 5
    8. e250 -> en:e250 - vegan: yes - vegetarian: yes - percent_min: 0 - percent_max: 5
    9. antioxydant -> en:antioxidant - percent_min: 0 - percent_max: 5
      1. e316 -> en:e316 - vegan: yes - vegetarian: yes - percent_min: 0 - percent_max: 5
    10. stabilisant -> en:stabiliser - percent_min: 0 - percent_max: 5
      1. e451 -> en:e451 - vegan: yes - vegetarian: yes - percent_min: 0 - percent_max: 5


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    ⚠️ 警告:标签上没有注明水果、蔬菜和坚果的含量,它是根据配料表估计的: 0


    积极点: 0

    • 蛋白质: 5 / 5 (值: 18.7, 四舍五入值: 18.7)
    • 膳食纤维: 0 / 5 (值: 0, 四舍五入值: 0)
    • 水果,蔬菜,坚果,油菜/核桃/橄榄油: 0 / 5 (值: 0, 四舍五入值: 0)

    消极点: 15

    • 能量: 2 / 10 (值: 699, 四舍五入值: 699)
    • 糖: 0 / 10 (值: 1.7, 四舍五入值: 1.7)
    • 饱和脂肪: 3 / 10 (值: 3.9, 四舍五入值: 3.9)
    • 钠: 10 / 10 (值: 1080, 四舍五入值: 1080)


    营养评分: 15 (15 - 0)

    营养分数: D

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    糖在存量少中 (1.7%)

    What you need to know
    • A high consumption of sugar can cause weight gain and tooth decay. It also augments the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardio-vascular diseases.

    Recommendation: Limit the consumption of sugar and sugary drinks
    • Sugary drinks (such as sodas, fruit beverages, and fruit juices and nectars) should be limited as much as possible (no more than 1 glass a day).
    • Choose products with lower sugar content and reduce the consumption of products with added sugars.
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    食盐在最高含量中 (2.7%)

    What you need to know
    • A high consumption of salt (or sodium) can cause raised blood pressure, which can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.
    • Many people who have high blood pressure do not know it, as there are often no symptoms.
    • Most people consume too much salt (on average 9 to 12 grams per day), around twice the recommended maximum level of intake.

    Recommendation: Limit the consumption of salt and salted food
    • Reduce the quantity of salt used when cooking, and don't salt again at the table.
    • Limit the consumption of salty snacks and choose products with lower salt content.

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    营养成分 已售出的
    对于 100 克 / 100 毫升
    与它比较:: en:raw-cured-ham
    能量 699 kj
    (167 kcal)
    脂肪 9.4 g -31%
    饱和脂肪 3.9 g -24%
    碳水化合物 1.9 g +205%
    1.7 g +375%
    膳食纤维 0 g -100%
    蛋白质 18.7 g -36%
    食盐 2.7 g -45%
    Fruits‚ vegetables‚ nuts and rapeseed‚ walnut and olive oils (estimate from ingredients list analysis) 0 %





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