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Apfelschorle - Denner - 0 5 l

Apfelschorle - Denner - 0 5 l

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条形码: 7610029125405 (EAN / EAN-13)

数量: 0 5 l

包装: 塑料, en:pet-polyethylene-terephthalate

品牌: Denner

分类: 植物性食物与饮品, 饮料, en:Plant-based beverages, 碳酸饮料, 果汁饮料, en:Juices and nectars, en:Fruit nectars, 苹果花蜜, en:Sparkling apple nectars, en:Apple schorle, en:Sweetened beverages

标签,认证,奖励: en:Made in Swiss

商店: Denner

可出售的国家: 瑞士

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    3 种成分

    德语: Apfelsaft aus Konzentrat 60%. Wasser 40%, Kohlensäure.


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    指示产品在 4 - 超加工食品和饮料产品 类中的元素:

    • 添加剂: E290 - 二氧化碳


    1. 未加工或最低限度加工的食物
    2. 处理过的烹饪原料
    3. 加工食品
    4. 超级加工食品


    了解有关 NOVA 分类的更多信息


  • E290 - 二氧化碳

    Carbon dioxide: Carbon dioxide -chemical formula CO2- is a colorless gas with a density about 60% higher than that of dry air. Carbon dioxide consists of a carbon atom covalently double bonded to two oxygen atoms. It occurs naturally in Earth's atmosphere as a trace gas. The current concentration is about 0.04% -410 ppm- by volume, having risen from pre-industrial levels of 280 ppm. Natural sources include volcanoes, hot springs and geysers, and it is freed from carbonate rocks by dissolution in water and acids. Because carbon dioxide is soluble in water, it occurs naturally in groundwater, rivers and lakes, ice caps, glaciers and seawater. It is present in deposits of petroleum and natural gas. Carbon dioxide is odorless at normally encountered concentrations, however, at high concentrations, it has a sharp and acidic odor.As the source of available carbon in the carbon cycle, atmospheric carbon dioxide is the primary carbon source for life on Earth and its concentration in Earth's pre-industrial atmosphere since late in the Precambrian has been regulated by photosynthetic organisms and geological phenomena. Plants, algae and cyanobacteria use light energy to photosynthesize carbohydrate from carbon dioxide and water, with oxygen produced as a waste product.CO2 is produced by all aerobic organisms when they metabolize carbohydrates and lipids to produce energy by respiration. It is returned to water via the gills of fish and to the air via the lungs of air-breathing land animals, including humans. Carbon dioxide is produced during the processes of decay of organic materials and the fermentation of sugars in bread, beer and wine making. It is produced by combustion of wood and other organic materials and fossil fuels such as coal, peat, petroleum and natural gas. It is an unwanted byproduct in many large scale oxidation processes, for example, in the production of acrylic acid -over 5 million tons/year-.It is a versatile industrial material, used, for example, as an inert gas in welding and fire extinguishers, as a pressurizing gas in air guns and oil recovery, as a chemical feedstock and as a supercritical fluid solvent in decaffeination of coffee and supercritical drying. It is added to drinking water and carbonated beverages including beer and sparkling wine to add effervescence. The frozen solid form of CO2, known as dry ice is used as a refrigerant and as an abrasive in dry-ice blasting. Carbon dioxide is the most significant long-lived greenhouse gas in Earth's atmosphere. Since the Industrial Revolution anthropogenic emissions – primarily from use of fossil fuels and deforestation – have rapidly increased its concentration in the atmosphere, leading to global warming. Carbon dioxide also causes ocean acidification because it dissolves in water to form carbonic acid.
    来源: Wikipedia (英语)


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    Apfelsaft aus Konzentrat 60%, Wasser 40%, Kohlensäure
    1. Apfelsaft aus Konzentrat -> en:apple-juice-from-concentrate - vegan: yes - vegetarian: yes - percent_min: 60 - percent: 60 - percent_max: 60
    2. Wasser -> en:water - vegan: yes - vegetarian: yes - percent_min: 40 - percent: 40 - percent_max: 40
    3. Kohlensäure -> en:e290 - vegan: yes - vegetarian: yes - percent_min: 0 - percent_max: 0


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    ⚠️ 警告:未指定纤维数量,它们对营养等级可能的正向贡献或许不被考虑在内。
    ⚠️ 警告:标签上没有注明水果、蔬菜和坚果的含量,它是根据配料表估计的: 60


    积极点: 2

    • 蛋白质: 0 / 5 (值: 0.5, 四舍五入值: 0.5)
    • 膳食纤维: 0 / 5 (值: 0, 四舍五入值: 0)
    • 水果,蔬菜,坚果,油菜/核桃/橄榄油: 2 / 10 (值: 60, 四舍五入值: 60)

    消极点: 8

    • 能量: 4 / 10 (值: 117, 四舍五入值: 117)
    • 糖: 4 / 10 (值: 6, 四舍五入值: 6)
    • 饱和脂肪: 0 / 10 (值: 0.5, 四舍五入值: 0.5)
    • 钠: 0 / 10 (值: 4, 四舍五入值: 4)


    营养评分: 6 (8 - 2)

    营养分数: D

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    糖在中等数量中 (6%)

    What you need to know
    • A high consumption of sugar can cause weight gain and tooth decay. It also augments the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardio-vascular diseases.

    Recommendation: Limit the consumption of sugar and sugary drinks
    • Sugary drinks (such as sodas, fruit beverages, and fruit juices and nectars) should be limited as much as possible (no more than 1 glass a day).
    • Choose products with lower sugar content and reduce the consumption of products with added sugars.
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    食盐在存量少中 (0.01%)

    What you need to know
    • A high consumption of salt (or sodium) can cause raised blood pressure, which can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.
    • Many people who have high blood pressure do not know it, as there are often no symptoms.
    • Most people consume too much salt (on average 9 to 12 grams per day), around twice the recommended maximum level of intake.

    Recommendation: Limit the consumption of salt and salted food
    • Reduce the quantity of salt used when cooking, and don't salt again at the table.
    • Limit the consumption of salty snacks and choose products with lower salt content.

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    营养成分 已售出的
    对于 100 克 / 100 毫升
    与它比较:: en:Apple schorle
    能量 117 kj
    (28 kcal)
    脂肪 0.5 g +186%
    饱和脂肪 0.5 g +1,150%
    碳水化合物 7 g +16%
    6 g +16%
    膳食纤维 ?
    蛋白质 0.5 g +170%
    食盐 0.01 g -32%
    Fruits‚ vegetables‚ nuts and rapeseed‚ walnut and olive oils (estimate from ingredients list analysis) 60 %





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